Forest Kindergarten Jelínek

Our founder is registered association „Na Slunci“, z.s. translated „On the Sun“. Our values are based on active community cooperation. It offers many interesting and practical activities, new initiatives and public events. We have Forest Kindergarten Jelínek and Forest children club Koloušek. We are inspired by Forest nurseries in Germany and Scandinavia. The group is made up of children aged 2,5 – 7 years of age – we have a maximum of 16 children who are accompanied by one teacher and one guide. We are a team of people – mostly local parents and enthusiasts for sustainable developement and alternative ways of life. Web of our association Na Slunci is here:

The main functions of the Organization „Na Slunci, z.s.“
means „On the Sunshine“ are:

  • – education of children, youth and adults
  • – running of Forest kindergarten Jelinek (Little Deer)
  • – supporting healthy physical and psychological development, motivating towards healthy lifestyle, strengthening relationship with nature, its protection and sustainable development
  • – positive contribution to enhancement of public spaces in towns and villages
  • – creating harmony in interpersonal relationships, supporting friendships, respecting differences and feeling of belonging between parents, children and general public across generations
  • – partnership with non profit organisations, local, city and government authorities which have the same focus.